Hi, Iā€™m Luke Pierce

I'm a Colorado based software engineer, full-stack developer and front-end designer and have been working in this field the past 3 years. I'm experienced in HTML5, JS, CSS3 and modern libraries in React, NodeJS and Next.js.

Currently working full-time as a Staff Software Consultant and front-end dev at DSoft Technology, Engineering and Analysis, a defense contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can learn more about me here

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Group-Based Greeting Cards Online. Bring joy to someone's life with an online eCard filled with messages, photos, videos, and GIFs!

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  • The Move to Castle Rock šŸš™

    In efforts to decrease my commute to my job in the Springs, I moved to Castle Rock. I have loved Castle Rock since everything is so close by and my girlfriend is only a short drive away. There are definetly adjustments to living alone, but I have been enjoying it.

  • Met an amazing girl šŸ™šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø

    While attending Mission Hills Fun Friday, I met someone that I had to go on a date with. We had a great first date and have been dating ever since. [July 19th 2021]

  • SpikeBall Injury šŸš‘

    Spikeball can get very competitive for me. It was our last game during sunset on a summer night, and I was running for a ball which was going to be a game winning play. I jumped very high setting the ball for my teammate (Adam) and landed on the side of my ankle, it immediately snapped (heard 4 cracking noises) however we got the point won the game. That is all that matters! Rushed to the hospital shortly after.

  • New Job šŸ’»

    Found a new job in Colorado Springs for a defense contractor for the Air Force named DSoft Technology, Engineering and Analyis. I am now in the Space Force and received a nice pay raise!


  • Hedged my index finger during a landscaping project šŸŒ³ šŸš‘

    While hedging some shrubs during one of our projects, I reached my hand by accident in a hedger. My little brother then rushed me to the emergency clinic nearby, and I got 6 stiches in my finger.

  • Started a landscaping company with little brother šŸŒž šŸŒæ

    Started a local landscaping company named Milehigh Lawncare with my brother Adam. I developed a website, advertised on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Thumbtack, and taped fliers onto mailboxes. We had more than enough customers for the entire summer.

  • Broke my finger playing basketball šŸš‘ šŸ€

    I went to play basketball at a local gym, and while I was playing pick up, I reached for the ball and my finger bent back. After two weeks, it kept hurting and I finally went to the doctor. Once I got some x-rays, he found that I had a fracture in my 4th finger. I had to wear a splint for 30 days.


  • Full time Employee at Raytheon šŸ’»

    I started a full time position as a Software Engineer I at Raytheon in Aurora, CO.


  • Graduated from Colorado School of Mines šŸŽ“ šŸ«

    I graduated from Colorado School of Mines in December 2018 as the top graduating senior in Electrical Engineering and Magna Cum Laude. My grandpa and mom were both so proud of me.


  • Software Developer Internship āŒØļø šŸ–±

    I worked at Vortek Instruments as a Software Engineering Intern and created NodeJS applications to communicate with different C++ applications they used.

  • Hiked Mt of the Holy Cross, 34th 14er šŸ”

    Hiked Mt of the Holy Cross in Buena Vista, CO. It was my 34th out of all 54 14ers in Colorado. It was the most gorgeous hike I have been on.

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