This is my personal setup I use for work, fun, and everything in-between.

Setup Angle One
Gaming PC

  1. Custom Built PC Specifications: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3GB, Samsung Evo 256gb m.2 SSD, Western Digital Black 2tb HDD x2, Intel I5-9600K CPU 3.7 GHz Six Core, 16GB 2666 MHz Vengeance Ram, NZXT White Tempered Glass Computer Case
  2. Acer 28inch 4k Monitor - Great monitor for Macbook Pro users with USB-C looking for HiDPI pixel scaling. You can use a single cable to connect the monitor to your mac, resulting in power as well as Thunderbolt 3 display connection. I have my keyboard plugged into the monitor with 2 ports to spare, this will allow me to sit-down and simply plug in a single cable and I'm ready to go!
  3. Samsung SyncMaster 24 inch Monitor - Great for a secondary monitor. It is reliable, high resolution, and has great colors. Highly recommend.
  4. Apple 15 Inch Macbook Pro - Could not be happier with my 15 inch Spacegray Macbook Pro. 16GB of ram gives me a ton of flexibility with intensive dev work, while the 512gb SSD is perfect for all my data.
  5. Corsair Masterset MS120 Mouse Coding is all about productivity, and part of that includes the quality of your display, keyboard, and mouse. I'm loving my Corsair keyboard. I got the Cherry MX Clear keys, they offer a good balance of feedback when I type, and I am not bothered by the noise.
  6. Corsair Masterset MS120 Mouse Great mouse for multi-machine users. Using the memory setting I can switch bluetooth connections in a fraction of a second. I simple swap my personal Macbook Pro for my work Macbook Pro and switch profiles on the mouse and boom, I'm ready to go.
  7. Staples Corvair Mesh Back Desk Chair This chair is absolutely amazing. It is very comfortable, and I have no discomfort when I work for several hours each day. I highly recommend it.
  8. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk It's hard to call yourself a programmer in 2020 without a standing desk. I love Fully desks and this is my second one. You can now get an Alloy finish that gives it a nice industrial feel.

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